WWCD - Surviving Passion à la Chanel

"Throw yourself into your work."

"Work has always been a kind of drug for me,' said Chanel, who was known to rip out and restitch a shoulder twenty-seven times and despised Sundays because her seamstresses had the day off. The contemporary term for this behavior is workaholic, which has such a disparaging, dysfunctional sound. Fellow Frenchman, writer, and Nobel Prize-winner François Mauriac felt work was a source of bliss and called it opium unique.
You can lose yourself in your work, just as you can in wallowing in the memories of a doomed love affair. The difference is that rehashing what cannot be changed (What id I'd loved him better? Been more available? Less available? etc.) is an enormous waste of time and energy, while channeling all that angst into work may result in the creation of the little black dress. Also, work is reliably available to us all of the time, whereas love in all of its permutations is less reliable than a pot-smoking contractor."

Quotes from The Gospel According to Coco Chanel by Karen Karbo

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