The joke of the year...

Really though.

If one knows me they probably know the movie I'm talking about.
A much anticipated sequel to the movie that basically introduced me to the love of my life. Jokes. Not really. But really though. The movie was hilarious! It was actually really really funny! The only thing is is that I don't think that was what they were going for.

The five second pulling-the-shirt-off performance from Taylor Lautner, excellent, in a really amusing and funny way! He was better as a werewolf even though the CGI was sketch.

The royal She knows how to act. I have to admit that, because She was really the only one that held the show.

Now as for He. He was... If you ignore the look of constipation on His face, He was okay. His stunt double has a mean set of abs, and even though His were manicured and made up to look *dazzling* they were... meh. They were kind of a AbFail. His body is dainty. He is elegant. He has hips. He would make a really beautiful woman, and if He wants to get any street cred as an actor to make up for this failure (theatrically speaking), He should consider playing one.

Next please.
(PS I still love him; as a person, not an actor.)

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