can we please talk about this band called the Plastiscines?

I'm convinced they are completely talentless!
Merely unoriginal uninspired clichéd girls that have the look.
Nylon is backing them why? because the video is essentially the latest vehicle of advertisement. Advertisers pay them to dress their models. These chicks are their models.

Indulge me and watch this video.

Please let me know if you think there is anything remarkable.

This video is full of trite ideas.
The schoolyard fence, the black and white, the graffiti
backdrop, the hair styles, the heavy eyeliner... there is zero evidence of any individuality. This has all been done before... except for the engrossing drum-hubbub where three girls are on the floor head-banging away as though they are hardcore (because let's remember, they're bitches and only answer to themselves... so they can do that), when really they reek of the tired paint-by-number but tried and true, for Nylon-type-consumers anyway, template.

I hate to say it, but at this moment I'm compelled to give props to another kind of bitch, Kristen Stewart. The press tour for her latest movie, that need not be named, she has been wearing some odd outfits but at least she's not conforming to The Hills adherents. I still think she's ungrateful, though, and a bitch. Even if she's finally started to understand PR.

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