i wanted to lie very still

in hopes that the moment was not fleeting
in hopes that i could retain it all
every note of the flute, of the guitar, violin, and the rest
i wanted to memorize how his voice powerfully pranced from high to low and back and forth so effortlessly while keeping in rythym
i didn't want it to end
i knew nothing could ever supass it
which is why im sad

i dont know how to explain what i went through or what went through me
there was light
there was the dream
there was godliness
my senses were coddled and titillated all at once

it was nothing less than spiritual
i was reborn. elated.
and yet im confused with what i experienced or what to do with it
what do you do when youve reached the highest high one can have
only to have to come back down again
to where the shade from the clouds block such heights

and the light
there was light

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