either i'm drunk on sunshine or EVERYTHING is better in France!

i just love it love it here

everyone has been sooo nice! everyone is sooo polite! they are a hundred million times nicer than italians! i was expecting a rough transition i.e. comparable to my italian transition however it is a million times better/easier than that! everyone is always bonsoir-ing/bonjour-ing... that i am starting to think i'm the rude one for not bonsoir-ing everyone on the bus when i get on! i just adore those common courtesies!

and the food!!!! oh joy. its expensive so i've been scouring the center for meals under 5 euro... where i can use wifi for free... etcetc...

you will be glad to know i've been doing my 10,000 steps a day ;) which is surprisingly easy to do btw...

and the architecture!!! it's a dream. i get moments where i'm so happy i can't contain myself. i think to myself, this is it. this is where i need to be. i went to the market and giggled my way through it as though the soaps and olives and cheeses where flirting with me... i think i may have actually blushed in all honesty!
i think i may have found a place and a job... but i'm not going to jinx it... will give you more news later if there is anything to report.

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