bad habits?

this is a response to kimberly wilson's blog titled habits

habits we'd all like to obliterate:
- taking things personally
- spending too much time perusing facebook
- reacting
- loving processed food
- planning while practicing yoga (her habit not mine, clearly)
- a skewed french pronunciation
- checking email first thing in the AM and last thing in the PM

these are hers.... not mine

well all i can say is we would all like to be 'better'
but truth be told... we really just need to be easier on ourselves!
yes we live in a consumerist and capitalist world... (an ugly thing, to be sure)... and we need to act against it but we can't be too hard on ourselves... we can only compromise to not hate ourselves consistently. its unreasonable and uncompromising to live sanctimoniously. be good to yourself first! if its impractical to go to the farmers market on saturday and you can only do your weekly food spree on monday at the local grocer then so be it! be aware and don't chastise yourself while doing it. you already know!

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