happiness is indeed a choice

negativity is seductive. happiness is hard. 

this is the essence of Sark's mantra, only she adds that everyone is worthy of it. a lady needs to celebrate being a SUCCULENT WILD WOMAN! it means "living fully, richly, rarely and reveling in ordinary and extraordinary moments... living untamed and juicy and abundantly as women!"

some of her ideas on how this is done:
bathe naked by moonlight.. ah
paint your soul
investigate your dark places with a flashlight
eat mangoes naked and lick the juice off your arms
weave your life into a net of love
cradle your wounded places like precious babies
celebrate gorgeous friendships with women

"Stand firm and whole as a WOMAN! you are PRECIOUS and IRREPLACEABLE! treasure your female self. choose innocence. invent ways to feel more free."

for me... i'm thinking that i am liking this blog... it's self-gratifying... and i mean who reads it anyway? i love having little dance parties... and singing like i'm whitney houston... it's private and personal and the feelings it evokes are pretty glorious. and i love my weekly hour-long stepping stones of self-discovery with my therapist.  he hands me the flashlight. i love things that make me laugh! i love strong women that aren't afraid to embrace those flaws! i love people who can focus on the positive. that is my goal from now on... i'm on the search for the happy, positive, glass is half-FULL peeps out there!

 you can find Sark and her books and and new outlook at Planet Sark, it's googleable.
painting by dear family friend, fellow Québecoise, Madeleine Lemire

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