a mentor on how to live

but she doesn't even really know the affect she's had on me... i'm talking about a miss Kimberly Wilson. what a wise soul this lady she shares so generously with us... if indeed you're interested... yogini, entrepreneur, activist, everything... kate moss minus the coke... and add and then multiply spirituality and brains to the mix and you're got yourself a miss Kimberly Wilson.

she's got a great book out that i've read and suggest it to anyone who is afraid of yoga and all that is tied to it... it's completely approachable and it's pink with hints of leopard print, see above. you can't go wrong. miss Wilson has tons and tons of tips on, to put it simply, how to be good to yourself. 
this is via
journal writing, yoga, unleashing your creative self, being mindful (of YOURSELF and others) etc etccccccccc and how to do it while stylin'!

and to top it all off she has a pug! not fawn but i can forgive her for that... since its called louie and mine is lulu... yep i think lulu has found her soulmate n'est-ce pas?

welcome to the world that is Kimberly Wilson.

enjoy her website www.kimberlywilson.com
which is the porthole to her blog her fundraiser her bio her basically everything you want to know... check out the hip tranquil chick manifesto at
i highly recommend listening to her podcast as its done me wonderssss on itunes
c'est free and is called hip tranquil chick...
loves it.

enjoy it!

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